Comments and Reviews

“My Tom Lacy flute (#14) is the most responsive and vibrant flute I have ever owned. The scale is precise and easy to control, even in extreme dynamics. The mechanism has a nice light feel, yet it stays in adjustment better than any other make. I have received more compliments on the warmth and projection of my tone since I have been playing his flute than ever before.”

Carl Hall
Atlanta Symphony


“True artistic expression is only possible with a reliable instrument. My Tom Lacy flute is truly a work of art, completely handcrafted with a superb mechanism that stays in adjustment regardless of the humidity or temperature. The tone is rich in color and the scale is excellent.”

Dennette Derby McDermott
Assistant Professor of Flute, Northwestern State University of Louisiana


“For years I’ve admired your work-padding, repair,and overhauls on flutes of other makers. So, when you decided to make your own flutes, I wanted one. I was not disappointed. The workmanship is first rate, as I expected. What pleased and delighted me is that the flute sings as beautifully as it is made! When my colleague in the Quad City Symphony played my Lacy, she had to have one. Now that she does, we are both happy about it. I do not hesitate to recommend your flutes to my students and fellow flutists. Keep up the fine work.”

Gerald Carey
Professor of Flute, Western Illinois University
Principal Flute, Quad City Symphony


“What an impressive flute. It has all the hallmarks of workmanship I have come to expect and appreciate in Tom’s servicing of my instruments. The precision and smoothness of technique, resonance and evenness of tone quality, immediate response of articulation, and fullness in sound dimension -all combine to make a Lacy flute a superb instrument. The flute and its maker exemplify that quality and reliability anyone can trust and appreciate. Bravo and congratulations!”

Janice Coleman
Second Flute, Saint Louis Symphony


“Tom Lacy and I have worked together for a number of years. He has done all my padding for a long time, and in my opinion, is one of the best padders in the world. Recently, Tom has begun to produce his own flute, and his workmanship is outstanding. It has been a source of great satisfaction for me to watch his progress. Tom is destined to become one of the best amongst the next generation of flutemakers.”

Jack B. Moore


“My platinum Tom Lacy flute has the ruggedness of a Midwestern tractor, the precision of a Swiss watch, the beauty of the Crown jewels, and the voice of God’s own angel.”

S.M. Breitling
Albuquerque, NM
Tom Lacy #101