The Flutes

When you order a Tom Lacy flute, you communicate directly with the person who will actually make your flute. Each flute is custom crafted to your exact specifications. As the owner and only employee of Tom Lacy Flutes, I have total control over quality. I know your flute intimately.

Only the highest quality precious metals and stainless steels are used in the production of Tom Lacy flutes. Each of the more than 300 parts are hand finished, giving the flute the elegance and artistic beauty that I demand.

The tonehole placement of the Bennett scale allows the flute to play very much in tune with itself. This scale coupled with my innovative keywork design produces a flute that sings as beautifully as it is made.



In my experience, the first place to feel lost motion is normally on the A key. My new design has the A tail make a right angle parallel to the thumb keys. This allows for a larger surface area for felt, eliminating the chance for compression. (Standard on all Tom Lacy flutes.)

C# Trill

My innovative C# trill key is integrated into the normal trill section. This design adds very little weight and eliminates the bulky additional key hanging over the left hand section. Many flutists find the finger button location to be more natural. The traditional C# trill key location is also available.

Split E

All split E mechanisms feature the bridge running under the right hand section keys. This looks more elegant as well as being less prone to getting bent or bumped out of adjustment.

Foot Joint

One potential problem with flutes with a B foot is the C-C# adjustment. If the cork gets compressed or the C# lever is bent, it is difficult if not impossible to close all three keys simultaneously. My unique design alleviates this problem by adding a second clutch for the C# key on the C key bridge. (Standard on all Tom Lacy B foot flutes.)